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Visit Paris with Marina

Licensed Guide.
Native Italian. English, French & Italian Spoken.

I'm Marina
Licensed tour guide speaking English, French and Italian

After graduating in Art History in Rome, I came to Paris a decade ago to pursue my studies. I was then admitted to the renowned "Ecole du Louvre" — the royal path to any aspirant to pursue my field.

Since, I could never make up my mind to leave this Magic City!

After completing my post-graduate studies, I worked for a few years in the field of Public Relations in Paris museums. In 2013, I started to fully invested my time as a tourist guide.

I chose this activity because I love sharing my knowledge and insight with people, who are in return curious enough to discover alternative aspects of Paris, the most visited city on Earth. It's all the more interesting to hang out with people coming from different cultural backgrounds and references than mine.

I'm a people-person, passionate about what I do.

I work with Tour Agencies across the capital and walk large groups around the city and into museums. At the same time, I organise my own Private Guided Tours for smaller groups. With this approach, I can be more independent and have a  privileged exchange with visitors.

Let me know what you expect from your next visit and I will make it my pleasure to make that happen!

Below are my thematic tours across this gorgeous city which will leave you all but indifferent.

If you are interested in contacting me for a future tour, please fill the contact form at the bottom of my website.

See you soon in Paris!

- Marina Versaggi
Paris, December 2016


The centre of intellectual life.
 Opulent, pittoresque and at your fingetips.

The Latin Quarter is the oldest district of Paris. It dates back to the III Century B.C. when the city was called Lutèce. It's the ideal place to come nose-to-nose with a millennial history, still visible in each corner. Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Sorbonne University are only two of its emblematic landmarks. Under their imposing shades are the precious relics of this Eternal City which sublimates the contemporary lifestyle of the district with its discrete charm.

The oldest café in Paris—"Café Procope"—the likes of Robespierre, Danton and Marat used to frequent is one of my favourites picks in the quarter. The ideals of Enlightenment it propagated those days made, among other things, the city what it is today: a vibrant cosmopolitan melting pot whose epicentre remains this Latin District.

Pax. 1 – 4 : 200 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal 

Pax. 5 – 6 : 220 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal

Durattion : 3 hours
Meeting place: at the central gate of Notre-Dame’s facade


Let me embark you through a journey whose landmarks are the highlights of the French gastronomy and the setting is the legendary district where the prominent intellectuals and cultural personalities, from Jean-Paul Sartre to Duke Ellington, simmered the most delightful aspects of the 20th century’s cultural life.

In this tour you’ll discover the legendary cafés where the modern myths were born—Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots—and one of the oldest churches in Paris, Saint Germain-des-Prés, a rare Romanesque-style feast in the French capital. A few steps away is the Saint Sulpice Church where you can admire the murals by Delacroix.

For the gourmet side, you'll be tasting a whole range of varieties of chocolates from a producer renowned for having purveyed the king’s kitchen centuries ago, taste the typically parisian macarons in one of the best shops in the capital and finally, and if you’re up to it, why not indulging in a platter of oysters that you can top with a fine glass of wine at a 'bar à vin' nearby.

Pax. 1 – 4 : 200 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal
Pers. 5 – 6 : 220 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal

Duration: 3 H

Not included: Culinary testing
Meeting place: In front of the Café “Les deux magots” 6, Place Saint Germain des Prés, 75006


A perfect of blend of the secular and the religious. A path leading up to a celestial glass palace...

You can combine the visit of the Latin District with arguably the most astonishing Gothic edifice still standing in the French capital: Sainte Chapelle. This "Glass Palace", effortlessly rushing upwards, seems to be the shortest detour to reach Heavens... at least aesthetically speaking!

The feeling of utmost lightness of the century-old monument is the work of the intense use of stained-glass which covers nearly 80% of its surface. They depict the episodes from Old and New Testament. Each element which constitues this Gothic Flamboyant wonder seems to be aspired towards the celestial vault.

The Chapel, integral part of the Royal Palace, was commissioned by Saint-Louis, King of France (1214-1270), to preserve the relics—the Crown of Thorns and fragments of the True Cross—he acquired from Emperor Badouin II during Crusades.

Pers. 1 – 4 : 230 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal
Pers. 5 – 6 : 250 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal

Duration: 4 H

Meeting place: At the central gate of Notre-Dame’s façade


Once a retreat for the marginalised.
Today, no neighbourhood is more fashionable than this historical district.

The Marais is one of the very few parcels in Paris to escape the 19th Century colossal city transformations of Baron Haussmann (1809-1901), Prefect of Paris. Hence, it remains today an emblematic islet reminding us of what used to be the Medieval Paris.

Once you see it, you will understand how the old and the new live together in this vibrant area, making it one of the most appealing districts in the city. Meeting place of both Jewish and gay communities, the Marais is also the place to be for those who love fashion, design and contemporary art.

The visit will take you to discover the ancient city walls, mansion houses, museums, contemporary art galleries and the famous Place des Vosges, where you can visit Victor Hugo’s home.

Pax. 1 – 4: 190 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal 
Pax. 5 – 6: 210 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal 

Duration: 2 H

Meeting place : Exit Metro line 1 - Stop St. Paul


After the walking tour, feel free to wander around one of the oldest markets of the capital, Marché des enfants rouges, before indulging into a typical French treat for all your senses: a cheese and wine tasting in the cellar of one of the top 10 master cheese ripeners of the Capital.

Even if you might not have grasped all the sophisticated, age-old techniques used in confectioning some 1 200 cheese varieties, you will at least have tasted a few of the best among those with perfectly matched wines by the time you call it a day.

Tasting alone: 45 minutes - 40€ per person
Tasting + Workshop: 1h30 - 80€ per person
(Maximum Participitants 10)


A village overseeing a metropolis.
A view more beautiful than all the clichés combined.

Montmartre used to be an outskirt village near the city of Paris until late 19th Century. At the turn of the century, Montmartre became the nerve centre of the Western Art World: a crossroad of all the mythical avant-garde artists of the post-impressionist era: Picasso, Modigliani, Braque, Juan Gris... The bohemian lifestyle which then epitomised the district keeps on nourishing the imaginary even today.

During this tour we’ll get off the beaten tracks of this busy area to discovery what remains of the Montmatre village : mills, vineyards, artists' workshops and old cabarets. 

Pers. 1 – 4 : 190 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal
Pers. 5 – 6 : 210 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal

Duration: 2 H
Meeting place: Outside the “Abbesses” metro station on line 12


To fall in love with all the cultures of the world.

Louvre is the intricating story of an obscure medieval fortress which went on to become the world’s biggest Museum!

During our private visit, you will discovery not only the most famous masterpieces—the likes of Venus of Milo, The Winged Victory of Samothrace and Monalisa—but also the tasteful anecdotes around the history of this magnificent palace, royal residence for the Kingdom of France for centuries.


Pax. 1 – 4 > 190 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal
Pax. 5 – 6 > 210 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal

Duration: 2 hours
When: Every day except Tuesday
Not included: Admission : 15 € per adult. Free for children and youth under 18
Meeting place: The equestrian statue of Louis XIV outside the glass pyramid in front of the Louvre


After the Louvre’s visit, fill your spirits with wine in a historical stone-vaulted cellar, just a few steps away. A sommelier-led wine tasting in the same location the sommelier to King Louis XV, is awaiting for you. 

If you want to go further in the art and manner of French gastronomy, you can even create your very own wine blend while playing winemakers. Design your own custom label and at the end, take away a bottle filled with your succulent signature selection!


The most beautiful palace in the world,
as if it were yours...

The huge Palace of Versailles was built according to the wishes of Louis XIV, during the 17th Century. It remained the royal residence until the French revolution put a permanent stop to the royal quietude…

The maze of its royal apartments, courtyards and gardens gives you a sneak-peek of what used to be the royal way of life, centuries ago, when the empowered enjoyed the absolute powers in expense of the common man.


Pax 1 – 4 > 260 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal

Pax 5 – 6 > 280 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal

You can add a private car with driver to this tour for about 250€
Duration: 4.5 hours including time to and from Versailles
When: Every day except Monday (Fountains show on every Saturday & Sunday from April - October)

Not included:
Admission tickets to the Palace – 18 € per adult. Free for children under 18.
Tickets to the Gardens on the day of the fountains show – 9,5 € per adult / 8€ from 6 to 17 years. Free for children under 6
Suburb train ticket – 3.55 € one way
Meeting place: Your lobby hotel or outside the nearest RER C station


World's biggest impressionist collection.
Something to be impressed about.

Inside a 19th Century railway station sits the world’s biggest impressionist collection, an edifice which could easily have impressed the Impressionists…

The visit will be a plunge into 19th Century way of life. Looking at the masterpieces of Manet, Monet, Degas, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cézanne and Van Gogh is a walk through the radical transformations of the late 19th Century which shaped the world as we know it today…

Pers. 1 – 4 > 190 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal
Pers. 5 – 6 > 210 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal

Duration: 2 Hours
When: Every day except Monday
Not included: Admission – 12 € per adult. Free for children under 18
Meeting place: The elephant statue outside the entrance to the museum


It will be an amazing experience to conclude the visit of Orsay's Impressionist paitings in front of the most spectacular of them all : Monet's water lilies at the Orangerie. The unique compositions imagined by the ageing master, now almost sanctified as the most articulate representative of the Impressionims, is a huge immersive visual experience, on the frontier between figuration and abstraction. The Orangerie museum, house to this timeless masterpiece, plus the private collection of the art dealers Jean Walter et Paul Guillaume is the must-see little sister of the great Orsay.  

Pax. 1 – 4 : 230 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal
Pax. 5 – 6 : 250 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal

Duration: 3 hours
When: Every day except Monday
Not included: Admission – 16 € per adult. Free for children under 18
Meeting place: The elephant statue outside the entrance of Orsay’s museum


A walk right though the passage of history
with unexpected turns at every corner.

The year of 1799 saw a whole new feature coming to embelish already lavish Paris architecture. The covered passages is indeed an iconic feature which would see its golden age during the 19th Century.

Responding to the intense commercial activity and the rising bourgeoisie of the industrial French capital, soon to become the epicentre of the fashion and the arts, the covered passage is also a tribute to the new building techniques, mainly the use of metal strcutures and glass shelters.

Most of the passages now house antique shops, bouquinistes, cafés and restaurants. There are around 20 of them in Paris around the Grands Boulevards. The oldest monument, dating back to 1799, is the Passage des Panoramas.

Pers. 1 – 4 : 220 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal
Pers. 5 – 6 > 240 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal

Duration: 4 H

Meeting place: in front of the “Conseil d’Etat” 1, Place du Palais Royal, 75001 Paris


Dont worry. I can arrange that too :)

An overview of Paris in one day IS possible! You can chooce what you absolutely don’t want to miss out during your express visit the City of Lights and I’ll manage your time perfectly to see everything you want : Notre Dame, Louvre, the Opera Garnier, Concorde place, Alexandre III bridge... you name it. 

Half day 4 h: 230 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal
Full day 8 h: 365 € — Click here for instant booking with PayPal

You can add a private car with driver to this tour for about 230 € – 4 h

Group size: 1-6 pers.

Not included: public transports ticket: one day pass 7€30 or admission at the hop on hop off boat 17€ per adult, children from 3 to 15 years 8€

Meeting place: your hotel lobby

*All the visits are walking tours with public transportation. Neverthless, if you wish to use a vehicle with a driver, I can arrange that too. Feel free to contact me for specifics.


  • “Informative, entertaining & very friendly. Thank you Marina for this excellent idea.”

  • "Nice and informative meet up with a good bunch of people!! Hoping to do it again!"

  • "Marina was very knowledgeable and fun. We learned so much and enjoyed it."

    Joann L.
  • “I arrived in Paris exhausted& convinced that Paris was the filthiest place I have ever been. In less than two days, Marina had me loving the city. When I mentioned a couple of obscure items I would like to see in during my visit, she arrived prepared, having researched the things beforehand. She took us to see several places that I really didn't have any interest in, but it turned out she was right and I loved them! Extremely nice lady! Would love to come& tour Montmartre with her someday!”

    Elizabeth R.
  • “Marina was a great tour guide and helped maximize our time during my families layover in Paris. From the time she meet us at the airport to the end of tour she was full of information about Paris. She customized a tour for us and made sure we saw the attractions we asked to see. I truly hope to see Paris again one day with Marina!!!”

    Curtis H.
  • “Marina arrived at our hotel and immediately knew we had made a good choice for a guide. Marina projected a very personable person. She maped out our 3 days of tours to see the things we wanted to see and kept us moving in a timely manner. Marina presented details and history which we were in awe of and had an answer for every question we had. She went above and beyond for other things we needed help with as well. We highly recommend Marina to help you have a wonderful experience of Paris.”

    Pat P.


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